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Recent editorial with Ross, Doug, and Gavin @ MSA

Small Black - Canoe

If Two Door Cinema Club, Gypsy & The Cat, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Cut Copy became a supergroup and made an album… it would be a colossal mess. But they’d probably want it sound like Small Black's latest album Limits of Desire. This thing is unbelievably good… beginning to end, no skips.

Quick test with Logan @ The Society

Goldroom - Adalita (feat. Chela)

 It was a longtime coming but the new Goldroom EP is finally out… worth the wait for sure. So pumped for Goldroom & Tesla Boy next week at Le Poisson Rouge.

Discovery - Swing Tree

Can’t believe this album is already four years old. It’s at the same time a sugary sweet, chopped up, re-interpretation of 90’s r&b as well as a half-intentional parody of modern pop production. However you want to label it, I wish these two would take a break from Ra Ra Riot and Vampire Weekend and put together another album. 

LORDE - Royals

Obsessed with her vocals… how is this girl sixteen?

In love. The one time I won’t be in town, they’ll be at Webster Hall and Williamsburg. Of course.

New York, I love you.

(Taken between April 24th - May 1st, 2013)

Sashalee @ Wilhelmina

Misun - Promise Me

Dreamy, melancholy, and catchy-as-anything track from D.C. based group Misun. Obsessed with these vocals.